Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

In the beginning (according to Wikipedia)….

Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2, 1986, in New York City, and grew up in Long Island, New York. She is the eldest child of Dina and Michael. Her father is a former Wall Street trader who has been in trouble with the law on several occasions, while her mother is a former singer and dancer. Lohan has three younger siblings.

THE REAL DEAL (according to our sources):

Lindsay was born into a very volatile family situation where her family was obsessed with Hollywood and the power of celebrity.


At the age of 3, Lindsay was signed to Ford models and had appeared in 60 commercials as a child.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay didn’t have much of a choice but to start a career in the entertainment industry guided by her dad and mom.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay, under direction from Dina sought out a child acting agent and scored a 3 picture deal with Disney. Her first major role was in the movie “Parent Trap.” How ironic folks.

Lindsay Lohan

Growing up as a child actor, she met many other child entertainers and eventually started dating Aaron Carter. This really upset Hillary Duff and was the basis of their feud. Hillary was Aaron’s long time ex and she was really jealous of the rising star.
Lindsay Lohan

Her rising popularity caught the eyes of Tommy Motola. He discovered Mariah Carey and J Lo, so he knew how to market young female talent. This led to a recording contract and career with Tommy’s label Casablanca Records.

Linday Lohan

Dina was overjoyed with Lindsay’s success and Michael was more than happy to put his tentacles around the new money rolling in. No could have predicted the success of Lindsay’s next project. It put her on the map as a certified A-list actresses after the movie Mean Girls grossed over $120MM at the box office.


Lindsay Lohan Now (2016)

The emotional toll of the spotlight has worn on Lindsay. She is now a recovering alcohol and drug addict who claims to be clean. Lindsay is currently auditioning for roles in film and has had some small parts overs the years.

Lindsay Lohan Now 2016 latest news




Lindsay Lohan Brand

Her celebrity peaked in December 2011.


Lindsay Lohan Fame

She is searched by 1.5M people each month but is declining by 18.7%


3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan

  1. Lindsey is no different than hundreds of other past child actors/actresses who were used/abused for financial gain and/or Hollywood fame by parents, step parents, talent agencies, managers, etc… Once reaching adulthood or becoming able to reason on his/her own, is when they become responsible for their own life and life choices. Some continue to spiral out of control, others grab their bootstraps upon waking to realization of their elders flaws, steady themselves, then make a complete cognitive change, and become stealth and reliable role models, though it doesn’t always happen overnight, it usually happens after a somewhat private sabbatical when they either publicly display a fresh change, or like many, disappear from the limelight completely never to walk the red carpets again. Lindsey is doing the best she can and it shows! In the next year or so I think we will be seeing more of her in either theaters or television, which I would totally love to see her doing a reality type talk-show aimed at helping at risk kids and also kids who refuse to grow up since there has been such a dramatic rise in that group and I believe she could draw from her own experiences to assist others in their own journey to adulthood. So many young adults expect the world from the world but don’t feel they should have to go through all the hoops to gain success. These kids have been raised by 2 or 3 sets of parents/grandparents and taught to abuse their elders instead of to respect, by allowing them every toy/game/excessive expendature they have demanded. Not all kids and not all parents so lets not make this a debate. It’s a problem that we cannot ignore anymore and as a society we need to come up with solutions that will work and not just keep rewarding bad behavior. As a step mom of 2 problematic undisciplined abusive adult boys, I go through this on almost a daily basis and am caught between their father and them in a very painful triangle. They want/expect money upon request, and cannot hold down jobs, won’t look for work, want to keep borrowing against huge debt that we all know won’t be paid back and that is for drugs and not even for the housing and food they need. We cannot afford it, and our own stability is affected since they have achieved to get all our savings and we even owe money due to taking out loans we needed because of them. We are both on limited income from being disabled so growing a retirement fund at this point is going to be tough and I know these boys could care less and probably won’t be there for us when we are older and needing them. We are not alone, because our kids have friends who are all doing the same thing to their parents. They end up in jail and or treatment, only to be consoled by parents/ grandparents/ aunts/uncles etc… And when their out they go right back to the same patterns of abuse until they end up either back in jail/treatment or eventually some end up dying from drug overdose or violence. It’s something that we can no longer ignore as a society! No one seems to know how to say NO to their kids without feeling guilty. My husband and I lay in bed at night worrying about them, wondering if they have a safe place to sleep and food to eat, and not getting ahold of bad dope or getting shot by gang members or cops,etc…. It’s awful and we live in a nice rural area in the foothills and lower mountain area where we were both raised and could leave the doors unlocked and keys in your ignition until just recent past. Wake up America! It’s everywhere!!!


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