Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

In the beginning (according to Wikipedia)….

Hilton was born in New York City.  Her mother, Kathy Hilton is a socialite and former actress; her father, Richard Howard “Rick” Hilton, is a businessman. Hilton is the oldest of four children; she has one sister, Nichoali Olivia “Nicky Hilton, and two brothers: Barron Nicholas Hilton II and Conrad Hughes Hilton III. Her paternal great-grandfather was Conrad Hilton, who founded Hilton Hotels.

THE REAL DEAL (according to our sources):

Paris was born into an elite and high society family from New York. She was raised by her affluent parents mainly in Manhattan and later in Los Angeles.

Paris Hilton Parents

She attended private schools most of her life. At these schools, she met many other rich children and friends from famous parents. Her desire to become famous was ignited.

Paris Hilton First Grade

She was largely ignored by her parents as she grew into her late teen years. This led to an extended rebellious phase of partying, drinking and hooking up with older men. Her main party partner was her sister Nicky Hilton.


She was seeking attention from her parents but really just wanted the freedom to be her own person and make her own money.

Paris Hilton

Paris was a fixture on the jetsetting St.Tropez scene shortly after high school. She mingled with all the celebrities and this fueled Paris & Co (Kim Kardashian) desire to become famous themselves.


Paris’ dream of being a celebrity intensified as she got older and realized her modeling career was over and she might as well seek a return on the plastic surgery and her ability to pose for a camera.


Without any acting or singing potential, she sought out a publicist and they began working on a plan to make her famous.

Paris Hilton

At the time, she was dating a Malibu bad boy Rick Solomon who was introducing her to kinky things stuff in the bedroom.

Paris Hilton

They then recorded several long sessions of intercourse and reviewed the footage with their publicist. He introduced them to Vivid Entertainment Corp’s CEO who saw the huge potential to exploit Paris’ famous last name.


The sex tape was released in 2003 and was an instant hit. This led to a reality TV show called The Simple Life with Nicole Ritchie. Her mission to be famous was accomplished.

Paris Hilton Nicole Ritchie Simple Life

She is now paid to DJ clubs all over the world and is the life of the party.

DJ Paris Hilton




Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.34.24 AM

Her celebrity peaked in February 2005.


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.41.15 AM

She is currently searched by 823K people each month but is declining by 18.2%


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