In the beginning (according to Wikipedia)….

MovieStarPlanet – an educational computer game created by Danish designer Claus Jensen in 2009. It is played in a web browser and on devices running iOS and Android.

THE REAL DEAL (according to our sources):

MovieStarPlanet is an addictive and fun online gaming experience. The founder of the company, Claus Jensen, previously worked at another e-learning business before launching MovieStarPlanet.

MovieStarPlanet CEO

While playing MovieStarPlanet, you are able to create your own short films and get others to watch it. This can be accomplished by messaging people to check it out.

MovieStarPlanet People

Communities are created throughout the game. Lots of people make friends via playing the game. You can also purchase virtual goods to improve your status within the community.

MovieStarPlanet virtual goods

The game was been wildly successful reaching 100 million users in 2013. This has led to the company making merchandise with its branding and opening a store in Denmark.

MovieStarPlanet Merchandise

MOVIESTARPLANET BRANDScreen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.30.25 AM

It reached its peak in February 2013.


MovieStarPlanet Fame

MovieStarPlanet is searched by 6.12M people each month but is declining by 33.2%


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