Stephanie Figueroa

Stephanie Figueroa

The infamous Karate Instructor Stands Accused!

It has been reported that this popular Karate instructor has been sexting with a 11 year old. She’s the face of the Next-Gen Xtreme Martial Arts Studio in south Orlando off Old Goldenrod Road. Seems like everything is happening in Orlanda nowadays.

Stephanie Figueroa Mug Shot

Stephanie Figueroa Facebook

Here are some images taken from her Facebook. She seems like a normal person. Her accusations include sending inappropriate and nude pics of herself to a 11 year old boy.

Stephanie Figueroa Facebook

Please do not tell me she owns this firearm. There needs to be a watchlist for mental health cases.

Stephanie Figueroa gun

There is a lot more to this story so share and save it for later.

Stephanie Figueroa Selfie

3 thoughts on “Stephanie Figueroa

  1. The boy must have some sort of… I don´t know…. let me be clear: she is not ugly. She is athletical. He is entering that time in our lives when we start to want sex, but do not have the skills to obtain it from the girls yet.

    Oh if I had a teacher like that in 1993…


  2. “just the fact’s Ma#&m217;a8”? The Robocall gotcha is getting dumb and dumber by the day. With the F-35 frenzy, the opps and media are all experts, refusing to listen to the facts or anything that resembles reason.


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