Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Snapchat Name

The first lady has joined Snapchat. Her Snapchat name is “MichelleObama

Add her now!

Michelle Obama Snapchat Name

Michelle’s First Snapchat Story

Learning how to Snapchat. Its a new experience for the first lady! Might want to have Malia help her with the landscape mode. It will fun and exciting following Michelle on her journeys at the White House and beyond.

Michelle Obama Snapchat Name

She’s got a hang of it now. Watch out world! The first lady is loose with Snapchat in hand!

FLOTUS Snapchat

Look who surprises Michelle for a carpool karaoke trip. This should be fun! James Corden is one of the funniest comedians alive. This should be good!

Michelle Obama James Corden

No time like the present for a group selfie. These lucky white house visitors stopped the first lady to cameo on their Snapchat story. What lucky guys.


Can anybody let our readers know what the 5 second rule is? Please comment below!

Michellle Obama 5 second rule

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