Bella Hadid Surgery

Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery

Did she go under the knife?

Bella Hadid’s Background

To really understand whether or not Bella got plastic surgery, we must examine in depth who she is as person, where she came from & the environment that has shaped the person we know today. Most articles on the web will just present a before and after picture of her but at Fame Bible we seek to understand the truth.

Bella Hadid was born in Los Angeles to a Dutch Model Yolanda and Real Estate Mogul Mohamed. She is the middle child of 3. She was raised in a very privileged and glamorous city where looks were everything.

Bella Hadid Baby

As a child she was very sheltered by her parents but it tough to escape the superficial natural of Hollywood where people can make a fortune on their looks. Her mother was a very successful model who was consistently conscious of her appearance and had a few plastic surgery procedures including breast augmentation and liposuction. Therefore, at a very early age, Bella was exposed to the lifestyle of her modeling mother and the emphasis on physical appearance was everywhere in her upbringing.

Bella Hadid Yolonda

Her mother and father divorced when Bella was young. This affected her greatly because she was traveling between her mother’s mom & father’s Malibu home trying to make sense of the split. Like any young person, she was tempted to take sides but remained neutral. She always looked up to her mom and her beauty & career was something Bella aspired to achieve for herself one day. Also, her father kept around beautiful young women as girlfriends so Bella constantly was bombarded with people from the fashion industry.

Bella Mohamed

For the most part, Bella and her famous older sister Gigi have gotten along. They both pursued modeling at a young age. The pressure they both felt from school and work to keep in shape and always looking good was heavy. This drew them closer together as sibling especially when their mother landed on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills TV Show. Yolanda attempted to shield them from the spotlight but in age of social media this proved fairly difficult.

Bella and Gigi Hadid

Bella’s Transformation

Take a close look at Bella when she was aged 14. This will not be a typical before and after analysis but more closely lets examine the aforementioned background of Bella that may have led to a situation where the pressure to conform to certain beauty standards led her to pursue a slight smaller nose, fuller lips and other various nip & tucks. Having been raised under the microscope of the international entertainment industry, Bella was subconsciously just trying to assimilate to the beauty culture she was raised.

Young Bella Hadid

Conclusion on Bella Hadid’s Plastic Surgery

Without question it is clear, as shown in picture below that the young Bella model who was signed to IMG and recently named model of the year, had surgical enhancements to help her compete and feel confident in the fashion industry as well of the young Hollywood social scene. The pressure of being the girlfriend one of the most famous singers in the world would have most if it not all young ladies feel conscious about their appearance. We feel its important not to judge people about their choices and decisions especially if they aren’t hurting anyone.

Bella Hadid Weeknd

The future is extremely bright for Bella. She is one of the top models working in the world today and is in high demand by most of today’s most prominent fashion designers. If her career continues on its current trajectory she is destined for super model stardom. She definitely doesn’t need any more cosmetic surgery because we feel she is perfect just the way she was born.

Bella Hadid Model

Do you feel Bella had procedures to enhance her looks?

Do you feel our reasoning is correct as to why?

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