Drake and Rihanna

Its official! They are dating again!

We were the first to bring you their stories. Drake and Rihanna are officially back together again. Drake stated back in February on the Ellen DeGeneres show that he was single but ready to mingle. We are pleasantly surprised that Rihanna has decided to give their relationship another try. Celebrity couples usually don’t last long due to schedule conflicts and lots of attention from fans worldwide, but Drake and Rihanna seem to have what it takes to make it last.

Drake and Rihanna

Drake had been in London working on music when he met up with Rihanna at Tape nightclub on Tuesday evening. The two were spotted leaving separately but were caught by London paparazzi arriving at Drake’s hotel later that evening. They then met up two more nights in a row and once again left together. This was a clue that it was beyond just a causal hookup.

Drake London

Rihanna was recently linked to Leo DiCaprio and Drake was seeing Serena Williams but in an interview earlier this week he confessed his love for Rihanna. The two have very busy schedules which makes a long term relationship somewhat challenging but maybe they can make it last this time.

Drake and Rihanna Stage

The couple has been off and on again since 2010. You can recall when Drake got into a NYC nightclub fight over Rihanna with Chris Brown and Tony Parker. He then defended his relationship with the pop star by proclaiming he really cared about her and Chris was into having multiple girls on the side. This caused constant beef and the stress eventually led to the couple to parting ways.

Drake and RiRi

Drake and Rihanna began their relationship professionally as two of the hottest acts in the entertainment industry. This on screen chemistry led to several collaborations including their hit song “What’s My Name.”

They followed up by doing appearances together while on tour and the romance flourished to the next level. The reunion tour of these two will be something to watch and experience. Stay tuned to Fame Bible for more!

Drake and RiRi 2010


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