Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

The Decision

If you can’t beat them, join them! Kevin Durant has decided to join the former NBA champs Golden State Warriors. He thought carefully about this decision and opportunity after the OKC loss to the Warriors in the NBA Western Conference Finals. To understand this decision, let’s dig into the history that has brought about this conclusion.

IN THE BEGINNING (According to Wikipedia)

Durant was born on September 29, 1988 in Washington, to Wanda (née Durant) and Wayne Pratt. When Durant was an infant, his father deserted the family; Wanda and Wayne eventually divorced, and Durant’s grandmother Barbara Davis helped raise him. By age 13, his father re-entered his life and traveled the country with him to basketball tournaments. Durant has one sister, Brianna, and two brothers, Tony and Rayvonne. 

THE REAL DEAL (According to our sources)

Kevin Durant grew up poor in the Washington DC area. His mother struggled to make ends meet but provided a nurturing household, love and support for Kevin’s young athletic career. Kevin had a growth spurt and the talent that led him to the top of his local basketball community very quickly. He caught the eye of many college scouts while in grade school. He worked tirelessly to improve his skills and had the body of a big man with the agility of a guard.

Young KD

Kevin’s father came back into his life right before high school. He helped provide Kevin with mentorship and attended every game possible. This was important because Durant transferred high schools several times to find the right program and fit. He eventually was selected as a McDonald’s All American and was regarded as one of the top players in the country.

Kevin Durant High School

Recruiting for Kevin Durant’s talent began once he played at Oak Hill Academy. So this NBA free agency period wasn’t anything new for Durant. Kevin decided that the University of Texas – Austin was the best college to help him develop as a player. He used similar wording and logic in his decision to join the Golden State Warriors next season. He just wants the best situation for him to become an all time great player and develop into the man his mom raised him to be.

Kevin Durant Texas

After a stellar career with the Longhorns, Kevin was selected as the #2 overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft by the Oklahoma Thunder. He was immediately a star in the NBA and when he joined forces with Russell Westbrook , they became instant title contenders. Unfortunately, he was never able to get over the proverbial hump in OKC & as free agency approached, he considered all his options. He initially was going to be loyal and stay with the Thunder but after talking with his mother, brother, Jerry West & Draymond Green, he was convinced that Golden State would provide the best possible situation for Kevin.

Kevin Durant OKC

Why Kevin Joined The Golden State Warriors

To put it simply, Kevin wants to win NBA championships. It was becoming more clear in OKC, that Russell Westbrook had his own ideas of what it takes to become a champion. Golden State’s team with Stephen Curry, Draymond Green & Klay Thompson have a formula in place that was successful in winning 73 games for the 2015-2016 season. Also, Kevin has a huge contract with Nike and pressure to win now. His brand depends on it.

Kevin Durant Warriors


Kevin Durant Fame

Kevin Durant’s celebrity is at an all time high right now.


Kevin Durant Fame

He is searched by 2.2M people each month but is increasing by 48%

Will Kevin be happy in Golden State?

How will this Warriors team compete with the Cavs?

Why did Kevin sign such a short deal?

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