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Nakia Jones grew up in a very poor neighborhood of Ohio. She saw the challenges of growing up in an economically disadvantaged community and wanted something better for herself and for her family and friends. She decided to make a difference and took an oath to protect and serve the community where she grew up. Instead of taking a safer job in the suburbs, she decided that the best way to make a positive impact on the lives of the people she cared about was joining the police force. Her husband is also a cop and firefighter in Ohio.


In 1996, Nakia officially became a police officer. She has been serving her community bravely for over 20 years. She has come across incidents were she has to disarm children brandishing a firearm and has never elected to use deadly force. Her position is that there is usually a solution available to our police force outside of killing citizens unnecessarily.


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After watching the disturbing events of the past 72 hours, Nakia decided to express her opinion of the policing of her community and similar communities nationwide. She returned home from work and also found her son was troubled by the recent events. Her passionate Facebook message resonated across the country and public outcry over the tragic loss of life has been evident in the comments on her viral video.

Nakia has been put on administrative leave for communicating her feelings on the policing of minority people. She feels that if officers aren’t socially equipped or harbor racists attitudes towards people of color, they should quit law enforcement and find a new job. This was not well received with many members of her police force. At the moment, she doesn’t know when she’ll return to her job but hopes something will change because of her efforts.

Nakia Jones Facebook


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She is currently trending on Twitter as “OfficeNakiaJones” hashtag.

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