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Tori Hughes Bio & Wiki Facts

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Tori Hughes Wiki (below)

In the beginning (according to Web)….

Tori Hughes is a 25 year old Instagram model who also participated on the popular TV Show Wild N’Out starring Nick Cannon. She has over 2M Instagram followers and regularly appears in public with Amber Rose.

THE REAL DEAL (according to our sources)

Tori was born in Dallas, Texas to an upper middle class family. It is unknown whether she has any brothers or sisters. She attended high school in a suburb of Dallas and was very popular. 

Tori Hughes

She always had aspirations to move to LA to become part of the entertainment industry. Her inspiration for starting an online modeling career and making the move to Los Angeles was Draya Michelle.

Tori Hughes Selfie

Tori always believed in physical fitness. She played sports her entire life and maintained her physique by working out religiously. Her instagram profile has many pictures and videos of her workout routine and a lot of followers have been encouraged to stay in shape based on Tori’s work ethic.

Tori Hughes Workout

Some followers have thrown shade at Tori’s modeling career because of the very revealing photos she decides to post. Many question, esp feminists and her haters, her motivates and the appropriateness of Instagram as a medium to show off your body. Tori doesn’t let the hate slow her down. In fact, she simply continues to make her fans happy. They want to get a glimpse into her life and she definitely draws them into her world.

Tori Hughes Beach

Tori Hughes Age & Birthday

A lot has been made on the validity of Tori’s age. We have documented she was born August 16, 1990. This would make her 25 years old and a LEO. Many have commented on her photos that she looks a lot older but that could be the nature of her presentation. She definitely presents a mature persona to her fans and is different that a lot of immature online personalities.

Tori Hughes




Tori Hughes Brand

Her celebrity peaked in June 2016.


Tori Hughes Fame

She is searched by 27,200 people each month and is increasing by 50%.


8 thoughts on “Tori Hughes Bio & Wiki Facts

  1. If anyone see’s this that knows how to contact Tori Hughes aka Tori Brixx tell her I have information about people using her image on dating sites. They are using a email address to communicate with people to make them think they are communicating with Tori Brixx. The reason I know is because I was caught up in it and didn’t know ubtil a friend said she was a instagram model and DJ. These people are based in Cape Town South Africa. If you want to know more I can give you information like multiple email addresses , phone numbers US and South Africa and forged documents so they can be stopped. I can be reached at


  2. First Ms Tori was born and raised in Mullins South Carolina. Graduate from. Mullins high school. Not welled liked in schooo. Poor family. Unwed mother.


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