Leshia Evans

Leshia Evans

In the beginning (according the web):

Leshia Evans is a 28 year old nurse from New York that traveled down to the Baton Rouge protests to stand up for the injustices she witnessed over the weekend when 2 African-American suspects were killed by police.

The REAL Deal (according to our sources):

When the video surfaced from the officer shootings in Baton Rouge, Leshia felt an obligation to do something. She was a very active social advocate on Facebook and supporter of Black Lives Matter.

Leshia Evans Facebook

She felt in order for her 5 year old son to grow up in a better world, people need to stand up and speak out against systematic racism. Her son is biracial and in order to create a more fair society, we must not allow prejudices to flourish in our communities.

Leshia Evans Son

Leshia Evans Iconic Photos

A couple photos of Leshia have surfaced and gone viral. Here Leshia is standing her ground in the face of Baton Rouge riot police. Her calm demeanor and graceful pose really struck an accord with viewers all over the world. Jonathan Bachman, who is a freelance photographer in New Orleans is responsible for this image. It instantly has become a symbol for the resistance protests popping up all over the USA.

Leshia Evans Iconic Photo

A second angle from another photographer has emerged also. These pictures are already being compared to other iconic imagery such as the man standing in front of the army tank in Tiananmen Square. 

Leshia was subsequently arrested and processed in the Baton Rouge jail due to her demonstration. She was held overnight and then released the next day. She wants her experience to serve as an example for others to stand up and speak out against police brutality.

Leshia Evans Baton Rouge




Leshia Evans Fame

Her celebrity is peaking now.


One thought on “Leshia Evans

  1. It’s a woman like her a man need as a wife, someone who is unafraid and willing to risk their live for the betterment of the human race! She’s not only a strong woman, but she’s damn beautiful, sexy, and intelligent!


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