Pokemon Go Girl

Pokemon Go LA, NYC & SF

Your guide for tips & tricks (below)

Pokemon Go Los Angeles

Pokemon Go San Francisco

Restaurants are being flooded with traffic with people desperately looking for their Pokemon. People are coming out their SoMa apartments and finding Pokemon all over the city especially in the North Beach area.

We recommend you use common sense when hunting down your Pokemon. There have been reports of incidents in the city. Also, in the future there will be advertisements in the game so enjoy your ad free experience while it lasts.

Since the developer of the game is located in San Francisco, a few popular Pokestops have been identified where they have placed valuable Poke balls. This has also been confirmed by a popular reddit group. The following places are must stops on your next adventure: Kezar Pub, Lucky 13 & Beach Chalet. Check them out!

Pokemon Go Los Angeles

Pokemon Go Los Angeles

The craze has hit the city of Los Angeles like no other. Stars are running around collecting Pokemon. You might be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Staples Center or L.A. Live and bump into Brad Pitt while searching for your Pokemon.

There have been several hotspots for collecting valuable items for the game including the Getty Museum, The Getty Villa and The L.A. MoMa. Of course you will also find them around the latest trendy restaurant like The Nice Guy, Shore Bar & nightclubs such as 1Oak.

As always, use good judgment when collecting your Pokemon. Some places are crowded with players such as The Grove and Citywalk. Don’t be shy and meet some interesting people in your pursuit. It has been noted that this app is overtaking Tinder as the hookup.

Pokemon Go New York

Pokemon Go New York

New Yorkers are a special bunch of people. They try to act as if they aren’t looking for their Pokemon but rest assured they are as eager as yourself to find them. If you are sharing a taxi in Midtown or simply walking around the Meatpacking district, be alert. There are Pokemon everywhere. Open your eyes and start a conversation New Yorkers. You never know what you may find out.

7 Pokemon Go Tips

Leading off our collection of tips is one that may seem fairly obvious at first but takes some practice to really master. Once you achieve this seemingly simples kill, you will be catching Pokemon like a pro and will be asked by others for training.

Pokemon Go Tip #1

All colors are not created equal. In fact, we would generally avoid the red colors because the degree of difficulty really makes them time consuming to catch. Its totally up to you, but just giving a heads up.

Pokemon Go Tip #2

Yes ladies and gentlemen. As much as we may not want to admit it, when pursuing your Pokemon, size matters! The bigger they are, the harder and faster they fall!

Pokemon Go Tip #3

You need some good balls to catch high level Pokemon. Its like having a Ferrari. If you are in pursuit of someone, you won’t get there nearly as fast if you are driving a Honda. Make sure you have the right tools for the job folks.

Pokemon Go Tip #4

They say patience is a virtue and it is no different when it comes to this game. Use it.


This is the ultimate insider information for those that understand food comas. Give your Pokemon some Razz Berry to slow them down and make them a much easier target. You will thank us later. Good luck!




We hope this guide and tips & tricks for Los Angeles, New York & San Francisco Pokemon Go players has been helpful. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and we’ll have an expert reply as quickly as possible to answer your questions. Have fun and please share this page with fellow players. Until next time….



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