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Pokemon Go Teams Explained

Pokemon Go Teams Wiki (below)

In the beginning (according to Wikipedia):

Players earn experience points for various in-game activities. Players rise in level as they earn experience points. At level five, the player is able to battle at a Pokémon gym and join one of three teams (red, blue or yellow) which act as larger factions within the Pokémon Go world. If a player enters a Pokémon gym that is controlled by a player that is not part of their team, they can challenge the leader to lower the gym’s “prestige”. Once the prestige of a gym is lowered to zero then the player will take control of the gym and is able to deposit one Pokémon to defend it. Similarly, a team can upgrade the prestige of a gym under their control by battling the gym leader.

The REAL Deal (according to our experts):

So, you’ve heard all the hype and downloaded the app. You’ve super excited to start running all over town capturing these elusive Pokemons.

Pokemon Go app

You never thought bumping into random strangers would be so fun or entertaining. You’ve been obsessed with this game and have advanced to level 5. Time to pick a team!

Pokemon Nearby

Team Options

You have a few options when it comes to the teams available. Beware, once you select a team, you are locked into that group. Its almost like a marriage. So chose wisely.

Team Instinct!

Team Instinct

Pokemon Go’s Team Instinct is driven by trust in the Pokemon. (Niantic)

  • Color: Yellow
  • Leader: Spark
  • Mascot: Zapdos

Team Mystic!

Team Mystic

Team Mystic is driven by wisdom and logic rather than emotion and trust. (Niantic)

  • Color: Blue
  • Leader: Blanche
  • Mascot: Articuno

Team Valor!

Team Valor

Team Valor is driven by a thirst for power. (Niantic)

  • Color: Red
  • Leader: Candela
  • Mascot: Moltres
Best Pokemon Go Team

Picking a faction can be a grueling process because once you sign up for that team, you are stuck with that identity for as long as you play the Pokemon Go Game. So it comes down to what you what to fight for and which team best represents the values you represent.

After reaching level 5, give it some thought. We have outlined a few points to consider when making your decision.

Team Instinct: I like this team because everyone that plays the Pokemon Go Game has instincts and this team seems to represent the spontaneity that the game provides.

It is one of the least popular teams so there can be some value in being unique.

Team Mystic: The attraction of this team is that sound decision making is represented above instincts or emotion.

This should definitely appeal to more a thinking or philosophical person that takes time making decisions and going about the world.

Team Valor: I have to admit this is my favorite team. It seems to represent courage, honor and all the powerful adjectives one would love to embody their team. This is one of the most popular choices and I definitely agree it has wide appeal.

Team valor seems to also go along with the hero narrative. So if you are feeling like you are about to save the world, this team is for you!

Pokemon Go Teams Brand

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.47.49 AM

The Pokemon Go Teams Brand is peaking right now.

What team suits you best? Comment below!

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