McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney Music

McKayla Maroney’s Music Inspired By Drake!

In the beginning (according to Wikepedia)

Maroney was born in Aliso Viejo, California, to Mike and Erin Maroney, on December 9, 1995. Her father was a quarterback at Purdue University, and her mother was involved in figure skating and high school sports. She is Irish-Catholic. She has two siblings, Tarynn and Kav, and was homeschooled in order to train as an elite gymnast.

The REAL Deal (according to our sources)

McKayla grew up in Orange Country, CA within a very athletic family. From a young age, she played sports and started to focus on gymnastics as her primary activity. The training required for her to excel in gymnastics required her to have a private tutor and not attend regular school. She was fine with that because she got along great with her brother and enjoyed being at home with the rest of her family.

McKayla Maroney brother

Although she didn’t attend school like the rest of the kids in her neighborhood, she trained with several girls attempting to achieve elite status in the gymnastic community. This formed tight knit bonds with people she is still close with today.

McKayla Maroney Friends

All McKayla’s long hours of training, strict dieting and sacrifice paid off when she turned 16 years old and was selected to compete on Team U.S.A’s “Fierce Five” in the 2012 London Olympic Games. She received a silver medal for her vault performance, gold medal in the team competition but is mostly remembered for the face she made during the medal ceremony.


She became an international star and her face became a huge meme sensation. The President of the United States even got a good laugh.

McKayla Maroney President Obama

Since competing in the Olympics, McKayla has turned her attention to building her social media presence. She’s approaching 1M followers on Instagram and its rumored that she has a secret Snapchat account for her and her close friends.

Furthermore, she has announced that she is pursuing a music career. She has been inspired by artists such as Drake and wants to also advance her acting talent. Currently, she is residing in LA and working on completing a demo CD with a few top music producers. Her writing skills as a singer have been improved over the years and she’s eager for the world to hear her tunes.

McKayla Maroney Los Angeles




McKayla Maroney Brand

Her celebrity peaked during the 2012 Olympics.


McKayla Maroney Fame

She is searched 246,00 times per month and its increased by 60% since last year.


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