Meredith McIver

Meredith McIver Wiki & Bio

Speechwriter Meredith McIver Wiki (below)

In the beginning (according to Wikipedia)

Meredith McIver is a staff writer for Trump Organization, author, and former ballerina. She is credited with ghostwriting multiple books by Donald Trump and was described in 2007 as an “assistant” to him.

McIver is from San Jose, California and earned an English degree at the University of Utah in 1976.

The REAL Deal (according to our sources)

Meredith has been a long time executive assistant & in-house writer for the Trump organization. She is credited with helping Donald write his books and keep his publishing empire moving forward with content. She has always been loyal to her boss but has ties to the Democratic Party. In the spirit of professionalism, it would be safe to assume she put her political views aside and tried to write the most inspiring speech possible for Melania Trump.

Meredith McIver Donald Trump

English isn’t the first language for the eastern european immigrant Mrs. Trump. As Meredith McIver’s wiki and bio reflects, she was tasked, as an in-house staff writer to bring to life Melania’s character with an emotional address at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Naturally, Melanie and Meredith consulted each other on the tone of the message. Melanie mentioned she admired the current First Lady Michelle Obama. According to Donald’s campaign, Meredith began researching Michelle Obama’s speeches and included several key phrases from Michelle’s 2008 Democratic Convention Address in Melania’s speech.

An unemployed writer Jarrett Hill was sitting in a coffee shop in Los Angeles when he picked up on the similarities between the two speeches and tweeted it out.

Jarrett Hill Tweet

The story went viral and Melania was shamed in the media for plagiarizing Michelle’s speech. Donald and his campaign insiders initially responded that she was simply inspired by Mrs. Obama’s words but the intense pressure caused Meredith to come clean.

Meredith McIver

She offered her resignation to the Trump family and organization but Donald rejected it and said everyone is entitled to make an honest “mistake.” According to Meredith’s wiki, she is still currently employed by the campaign and is the officially taking full responsibility for the plagiarism.

A few interesting theories are floating around the internet including:

  • She is just the fall guy and Melania indeed did the plagiarism after she submitted Meredith submitted her draft
  • Meredith’s ties to the democratic party influenced her decision to make Melania look bad and discredit her writing to help Hillary
  • She doesn’t exist at all & is a fictional character

Here is the official resignation letter submitted by Meredith to Donald:

Meredith McIver resignation

Melanie Trump Full Speech

It is clear that Melania read the speech several times before delivering it. You can watch it in its entirety below. The similarities are very evident to Michelle Obama’s speech. In fact. 22 of 29 words were identical.




Meredith McIver Fame

Her celebrity peaked July 20, 2016.


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