Jena Frumes

Jena Frumes

Jena Frumes of Wild N’ Out

In the beginning (according to the web)

Jena Frumes is a social media star with over 1 million followers. She became popular by appearing on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’Out TV Show.

The REAL Deal (according to our sources)

Jena grew up in the suburb of Cranford, New Jersey. Her ethnicity is mixed between Black, French and Native American. She was somewhat sheltered growing up but always dreamed of moving to LA to pursue her modeling career. Her family has a bit hesitant about this pursuit because of the short life span models typically have for their careers. Also, the negative stigma given to young African American women in music videos was also looked upon unfavorably by her family. They eventually moved past this position because they trusted Jena’s overall judgment about allowing herself to appear in only tasteful videos.

Jena Frumes Wild N Out

Jena decided to honor her family’s wishes and set a good example for her sister by finishing high school and pursuing a college diploma. After completing high school, she enrolled in North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. Her main focus was still trying to break into the entertainment industry but wanted to finish an undergraduate degree as a backup plan.

The opportunities to dance and perform in Durham were severely limited. At most, she could land spots for local artists’ music videos but nothing on the national or international level she desired.

Jena Frumes

Once she graduated from college, she talked to a friend who already have relocated to Los Angeles, CA as a dancer. Her friend informed her that she had a connection at the TV show Wild N’Out and encouraged Jena to follow in her footsteps and come tryout for the TV show.

Jena was a bit apprehensive about moving her entire life across country for a career that was so uncertain. She talked to her family and did a bit of soul searching before deciding to make the cross country leap. At first, it was a struggle to find her place in the industry. But after landing a spot on the hit show Wild N’Out she was well positioned for bigger opportunities.

Jena Frumes Hair

Jena Frumes is a social media influencer with a very large following thats engaged. She has promoted several brands on her Instagram account. Her next step is developing an acting career. Currently, she is training as an actress and hopes to land a starring feature film role soon.

Jena Frumes Instagram




Jena Frumes Brand

Her celebrity peaked in January 2016.


Jena Frumes

She is searched 33,100 times per month and its increasing  310.6% from last year.


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