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Luke’s jump

In the beginning (according to Wikipedia)

Born into a family of BASE jumpers and skydivers, Aikins has contributed to the family legacy with three world records. Luke is on staff at a sky diving school in Tacoma, Washington owned by his family. He coached United States Navy SEALs, NASCAR drivers, and people from other backgrounds. He is also a safety and training advisor for the United States Parachute Association and is a member of Red Bull Air Force.

The REAL Deal (according to our sources)

Luke always had a passion for high adrenaline activities since childhood. Being surrounded by an entire family that loved skydiving bred the love of the thrill for Luke. He learned early how to soar though the sky and eventually became an instructor himself. In high school, we would help many first time jumpers overcome their fear of heights and embrace the skydiving experience.

Luke Aikins Facebook

As he became a young adult, Luke joined an elite group of skydivers called Base Jumpers.

Luke Aikin Skydiving

He helped prepare Felix Baumgartner for his big jump from 128,000 feet.

He then turned his attention to his own jump. From 25,000 feet without a parachute. No man in the history of the world has attempted to leap out a plane without at least a birdman suit. Naturally, Luke’s wife, family and friends were concerned about this daring feat but it was something he wanted to accomplish and show the world what was possible through skydiving.

Luke Aikins BASE

The day before his historic jump, Luke and his wife were very nervous. Even with the hours of preparation, nothing could prepare him for this leap. He was accompanied by a few of his BASE Jumper teammates in the air. Of course they had their parachutes, but Luke was to land in a net that was suspended 78 ft above ground. The margin for error was relatively slim and this is what engulfed the huge risk. He went forward and successfully completed the jump from 25,000 on July 30, 2016.

He’s done over 18,000 jumps in his lifetime but this was by far the most challenging and rewarding. He’ll go down in history as the first man to take a jump from that altitude without a parachute and survive to talk about it.

Luke Aikins Skydiving




Luke Aikins Brand

His celebrity peaked July 2016 when he skydived from 25K ft without a parachute.


Luke Aikins Fame

He is searched 1,000 times per month.


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