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Story of Malia Obama on Instagram

In the beginning (according to Wikipedia)

Malia Obama was born in Chicago on July 4, 1998. She was delivered by a friend of the family.

The REAL Deal (according to our sources)

Barack was beyond excited with the birth of his first child. He wanted her name to also have Arabic/African roots so he named her Malia. It means “queen.” Michelle was also overjoyed at Malia’s birth because she wanted a girl. Barack always wanted a son so they tried again and had Sasha. Both girls were raised in Chicago while Barack was a professor.

Malia Obama Barack

The family moved to Washington, D.C. in 2009 when Barack was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. He was also the first African-American to hold the highest office in the country. This historic election brought the family very close together.

Young Malia Obama Michelle

Michelle pledged to try to raise her daughters as “normal” as possible. Both were guarded fiercely from the public eye and attended Sidwell Friends for high school. Barack and Michelle didn’t want the national media to pry into the lives of their young teenage daughters so they were not allowed to use social media. This didn’t stop an Instagram photo of Malia from appearing on a rap group’s profile. The incident was investigated by the White House but no further action was taken.

Obama Family

Malia had an outstanding athletic career at Sidwell Friends. She finished 4 years of varsity tennis with a combined record of 67-5. She comes from a very athletic lineage. Michelle and her brothers played basketball extensively. Obama also was a huge basketball fan and built a full court at the White House. Malia could practice her skills there and build the athleticism that allowed her to dominate her competition and become one of the best Washington D.C. players.

Malia Obama Tennis

Malia was accepted into Harvard University for fall of 2016 but decided to take a year off. She is interested in the film industry and has worked on several high profile internships in Hollywood. In the summer of 2015, she was an intern for the popular HBO show Girls.

For now, Malia wants to continue to develop as a photographer and motion picture director. She has a passion for creating art and was named one of Teen’s Vogue most influential. She plans to enroll fall of 2017 for Harvard and then graduate and move to Los Angeles to pursue a professional filmmaking career.

Malia Sasha Obama




Malia Obama Wiki

Her celebrity peaked March 2016.


Malia Obama brand

She is searched 246,000 times per month.


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