Ryan Lochte James Feigen Indicted

According to Wikipedia

On the morning of August 14, Lochte and his teammates Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen claimed they were robbed after four men forced them out of their taxi at gunpoint. The next day, Lochte claimed in an interview with the Today Show that the four men who stopped their taxi were dressed like Rio de Janeiro police officers. After Lochte had flown home on August 16, his teammates Conger and Bentz were prevented from leaving and their passports were seized. A judge in Brazil also issued a search and seizure warrant for Lochte and James Feigen; Feigen subsequently contacted the authorities, and said he would make a public statement when the matter was settled. Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro concluded that the athletes were not robbed, but instead had been involved in an incident at a gas station in Barra da Tijuca, west of the city. This investigation found that the swimmers stopped at a gas station near Casa França, where they were involved in a discussion with local security regarding damage to the door of a bathroom.

According to anonymous police sources, Conger and Bentz admitted fabricating the story. On August 18, Lochte was indicted for falsely reporting a crime.


Apparently Ryan and his teammates got drunk and decided to turn a Brazilian gas station into a playground. The security guard felt threatened as in a drunken stupor Ryan tried to fight with him.

Cleary, Ryan and his crew were blackout drunk and probably couldn’t recall all the details of the incident the next day so they turned it around as if they were the victims. Unfortunately, Brazilian authorities didn’t take too kindly to their false reporting and have charged them with filing a false police report.

This international incident may be resolved with an apology but that remains to be seen. Brazil did its best to provide a safe atmosphere for all the athletes and were disheartened by Ryan’s initial report of a crime. Well it turns out the major crime was interviewing while still hung over.

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