Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen Wiki & Fun Facts!

Ingrid Nilsen Comes Out

In the beginning (According to the Wikipedia)

Nilsen began her YouTube channel on October 23, 2009, because she wanted to share her feeling of confidence with other people and push herself to overcome her fear of public speaking. In her videos she covers topics such as fashion, lifestyle and make-up. Nilsen currently has over 4 million subscribers.

Ingrid is of Norwegian descent on her father’s side and Thai on her mother’s side. On June 9, 2015, Nilsen uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, in which she came out as lesbian.

The REAL Deal (According to our Sources)

Ingrid was a product of a European and South East Asian relationship. Being half another ethnicity placed her in a position to understand different perspectives from people from different walks of life. Her father tragically passed away when she was 17 years old and her mother suffered cancer but survived. These defining experiences shaped Ingrid into to the compassionate and mature person she reflects to her YouTube audience.

Ingrid Nilsen Wiki

Ingrid grew up in California. She admired many of our present day entertainers that she one day hoped to meet. When she discovered YouTube, she found a natural fit around educating young women on beauty tips. She found this very fulfilling and grew her following fairly quickly to the top of the Youtube Influencer World.


Ingrid eventually landed herself a CoverGirl sponsorship. This was groundbreaking news for an internet personality to partner with a worldwide brand such as Covergirl. Some of her followers didn’t like her new found success with a mainstream company but Ingrid embraced the challenge of carrying her message to a new audience.

Ingrid Nilsen Youtube

Ingrid came out the closet and started dating fellow Youtube Star Hannah Hart. This was a defining moment in her young influencer career with being comfortable expressing her sexual orientation to the world. She was met with tons of praise and support from the lesbian community and women worldwide.

Ingrid Nilsen Hannah Hart

President Obama was interviewed by Ingrid to discuss a lot of issues that young women face. As a lesbian woman there are even great obstacles to overcome and the President addressed her concerns while showing her support and applauding her strength. This was a much bigger deal than the Covergirl sponsorship because this was the first time in the history of the U.S.A a sitting President embraced a relatively new form of media and sat down to discuss a diverse set of topics that impact young women.

Ingrid Nilsen Obama




Ingrid Nilsen Brand

Her celebrity peaked in June 2015 and she is searched 10,000 – 100,000 times per month.


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