Oprah Winfrey Net Worth

Oprah is worth $3.1 Billion

In the beginning (According to the Wikipedia)

Winfrey was named “Orpah” on her birth certificate after the biblical figure in the Book of Ruth, but people mispronounced it regularly and “Oprah” stuck.

Winfrey was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi, to an unmarried teenage mother. She later said that her conception was due to a single sexual encounter and the couple broke up not long after. Her mother, Vernita Lee (born c. 1935), was a housemaid. Winfrey’s biological father is usually noted as Vernon Winfrey (born 1933), a coal miner turned barber turned city councilman who had been in the Armed Forces when she was born. However, Mississippi farmer and World War II veteran Noah Robinson, Sr. (born c. 1925) has claimed to be her biological father. A genetic test in 2006 determined that her matrilineal line originated among the Kpelle ethnic group, in the area that today is Liberia. Her genetic makeup was determined to be 89% Sub-Saharan African, 8% Native American, and 3% East Asian. However, the East Asian may, given the imprecision of genetic testing, actually be Native American markers.

The REAL Deal (According to our Sources)

Oprah Winfrey had many obstacles on her way to international fame and fortune. She was raised by a single mother and grew up in Wisconsin. She was sexually abused and became pregnant by the age of 14. Her son passed away in his infancy but these trials and tribulations formed her view of the world and circumstances people can find themselves.

Young Oprah

Oprah got involved in the media business at a very young age. While in high school, she worked at the local radio station. She attended a local inner city high school in Milwaukee and then transferred to a more affluent high school where she was teased due to her lack of money. This was her first exposure to the social and financial disparity pervasive in America.


Eventually, she went to college at the historically black university Tennessee State University. She majored in communications and studied people in depth. When she graduated, she was one of the youngest anchors in America and her career path was starting to shape and show a lot of promise.

Young Oprah Winfrey

The Oprah Winfrey Show was launched in 1986. It was credited with bringing a truly personal touch to its viewership. Oprah credits her grandmother for instilling confidence in her interviewing style and skills. At a very young age Oprah would do play interviews with her dolls. Her style and show eventually rose to surpass all the competing shows including Phil Donahue’s Daytime Show.


Oprah has interviewed many famous people and influenced the lives of countless individuals. She was one of the early supporters of President Obama and her influence is credited with helping him defeat Hillary Clinton in a tight Democratic Primary Election in 2008. Oprah has also been active internationally with charitable works and donations. Her legacy of helping individuals and lifting spirits will continue to grow as she pursues her own TV network.





Oprah Winfrey Brand

Her celebrity peaked in May 2005.


Oprah Winfrey Brand

She is searched 450,000 times per month and its decreasing  18.2% from last year.


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