Beyoncé Breaks the Internet Again. That’s Good for Us All.

By Afrah Richmond

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s pregnancy announcement had the all of markers of a favorite high-low celebrity approach. It combined the intimacy of a DIY and Pinterest aesthetic with allusions to great works of classical art. As of this posting, it is currently at the 9 million mark, and still climbing. It has blown pass the previous Instagram record for the most liked photo. Like with the internet release of her albums Beyoncé and Lemonade, the internet rightly belonged to the modern pop diva for a moment this week.

During these troubling times in our political system, the birth of twin Carters was the news we all needed. Pregnancy, in all its modern forms of surrogacy, IVF treatment, adoption, and natural conception deserves to be celebrated. It is the one time when the world can stop and think about the promise that children bring. Parenting for all people, regardless of economic background, is hard work. An oh-so-very hipster pregnancy post properly sets the stage for the life journey.

Children, for better or worse, as now part of the celebrity complex. Both parents have done an excellent balancing act of shielding Blue and allowing her into the media world. I personally am looking forward to the twin twinsets, photos, and eventual red carpet appearances of these particular celebrity babies.