Brinkley is Flawfree in a Bikini

By Afrah Richmond

Christie Brinkley and her daughters are in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue looking absolutely flawless. I can do nothing but applaud her clear dedication, at the age of 63, to all-around fitness. It takes hard work to maintain peak summer body at any age. It also helps just a tiny bit to have access to the best foods and trainers. It is also clear that Brinkley is responsible for keeping herself in top form.

Yet it is also kinda unfair the extra degree of scrutiny that women must undergo as part of the beauty industrial complex. We suffer under the tyranny of the summer body ideal, which is helped along by the illusions provided by all the elements of a professional photo shoot: lighting, super high end cameras and access to the very best tools in the photoshop suite.

Mercifully, it is still winter and there is the option of wearing all of the necessary layers to hide my not-quite-ready for summer body. Brinkley and her very lovely daughters are #goals. I will continue my workout plan in hopes that maybe, just maybe, there will be the perfect bikini, lighting, hair & makeup for me to duplicate this shoot. We shall see in three or four months.