DSLR Debate

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This famous debate is currently a hot topic in the photography community.

We have outlined and summarized what you need to know when deciding to make your digital camera purchase.




Lenses – There are lots of old lenses that natively fit Canon EF and Nikon F mounts. These can be found for relatively cheap and provide high quality optics.


Optical Viewfinder – The purpose of a mirror is to reflect light back through an optical viewfinder to provide a real-time image of your subject. It can be very advantageous when shooting in low light.


Auto-focusing – Advances in this area include Canon’s dual-pixel technology, which provides world-class tracking in live view. Having a mirror within the camera helps it focus faster and more accurately.

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Weight – DSLRs cameras tend to be both heavier and larger than mirrorless ones. This impacts portability and mobility for the photographer.


Video – Lack of an electronic viewfinder has its disadvantages for DSLRs. They aren’t able to display useful shooting information such as focus peaking, waveform or histogram collected by EVFs. Also, in-body stabilization isn’t available for most DSLRs, which can lead to shaky video footage.

Mirrorless Camera



Lightweight – The greatest advantage of owning a mirrorless camera is the ease of use and ability to transport it around for travel. People love that they generally weigh less and when you need to pack light, they’re a great option.


Shooting Speed – Having an electronic shutter leads to higher frames per second. Some mirrorless cameras are cable of shooting over 24 fps which is equivalent to motion picture.

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Battery life – You will need to carry several batteries for a full day of shooting. They drain batteries quickly because they need to power the electronic viewfinders found in most mirrorless camera systems.


Ergonomics – Since mirrorless cameras tend to strive for the smallest form factor, they might not fit as comfortably and they are not as sturdy. Especially if you have big hands, you may find the fit not as snug as you would like.

Summary: All in all, there isn’t a clear cut winner in this battle. There are many advantages and disadvantages to each system. When picking your next or first digital camera, select which brand is best suited for your needs and you will be rewarded with amazing images.

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