Fuji X-T20

By Rasheed Richmond

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I wanted to share with you my experience with the FujiFilm X-T20. It was on my radar since it was announced earlier this year. I was searching for a compact camera that I could take everyone. And FujiFilm delivered.

I’ve tried many systems. Sony, Leica, Canon, Panasonic & Nikon. Although each has their individual strengths, I never felt completely satisfied with any of them. Every camera has its tradeoffs but none are as well-rounded as the FujiFilm X-T20.

Let me walk you through the major strengths and a few weaknesses of this amazing camera.



Image Quality – The picture quality coming from this 24.3 MP X-Trans sensor is simply stunning. I love the FujiFilm simulations and Classic Chrome is my favorite. The great thing about FujiFilm is that you can shoot jpgs and be happy with the final output. This is also true with motion capture. Once you tweak a few settings the video looks ready to publish. You can save yourself hours of post-production and grading by using this camera.

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Lenses – A major strength of buying into the Fuji ecosystem are their fairly large selections of high-quality optics. I initially bought the Fuji X-T20 kit with the 18-55mm zoom. I later added the 35mm f2.0 as my walkaround lens. This setup will completely satisfy almost all your needs. If not, Fuji has other great prime lenses like the 16mm f1.4 & 56mm f1.2. You can’t beat the value and quality of Fuji lenses.


Video – I’ve recently been intrigued with filming much more and decided to film a 4k short with my Fuji X-T20. It was refreshing Fuji added 4K to this camera. Manufacturers like Canon need to protect their high-margin cinema business and intentionally withhold this resolution. FujiFilm doesn’t have that issue and this camera is producing some of the most cinematic footage I’ve ever created.

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Portability – I’m use to lugging around full-frame Canon equipment and it gets tiring when traveling. Recently, I took a trip to Montreal with my Fuji X-T20, Nikon FM & Fuji Instax. Between all these cameras and my smartphone, I had every situation covered. My bag was light and I didn’t get any shoulder strain at the end of a long day.


Ergonomics – I wanted a lightweight setup so this is just a minor issue. Sometimes it can feel unsteady in the hand. This really depends on your grip and hand size. Overall, I debated including this as a weakness. If you want small, the FujiFilm X-T20 delivers.

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Battery – This is a real challenge for any mirorrless camera system. I would definitely suggest you carry a spare or two for a full day of shooting. I happened to run out one day but luckily I had my Samsung S8+ to fill the downtime.

EVF – The electronic viewfinder is definitely narrow. Especially after using my Nikon FM optical viewfinder during my travels, I would yearn for a brighter and larger viewfinder but if that is a deal breaker, you always have the Fuji X-T2 upgrade.

Conclusion: This is one amazing camera! I’ve heard its 90% of its bigger brother the Fuji X-T2 but with a few welcomed additions like a touchscreen. This come in handy when shooting video and achieving quick focus.

I can go on & on but if you would like to chat more before considering your purchase, just Facebook Message Me!



Rasheed Richmond (former Canon shooter)