Kylie Jenner Instagram Live

Fame Bible is first to bring you Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Live. She has never done it before but attracted an audience of over 90K+ viewers.

She gave a tour of the house and showed off her boo Tyga who was busy in the studio.


Her buddy Harry debated the first time they met. She was 12 years old and he was 16 yrs. She snuck into his show apparently and after it was over he approached her to find out how she gained entrance.


Kylie denied talking with Harry after the show but he claims she said “I do what I want.”


We think Kylie won that debate.


Kylie’s BFF was there and she even got some love from her good friend Hailey Baldwin (see above).


Overall, felt like a very festive mood at Kylie’s tonight. She talked about her lip kits and Hailey asked when hers was on the way. Kylie then signed off and told her crew it was a very cool experience. Stay tuned for more breaking Kylie Live!


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