Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Add Kylie Jenner Username

  1. You must download the SnapChat app HERESnapChat App
  2. Open app & go to “Add Friends”

    Add friend for Kylie SnapChat

  3. Search in the top for “klizzlemynizzl” (her Snapchat account)Kylie usernameKylie Jenner SnapChat
  4. Go to “Stories” and look for “maG” Click on Kylie


Preview of Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat Life

Getting ready for a big night out in LA!!!

kylie eyebrows

Picked up her best friend Hailey Baldwin for her bday

Hailey Baldwin Snapchat

Then her boyfriend Tyga

Tyga Snapchat

Crazy night out in Hollywood comes to an end


Kylie Goodnight on SnapChat

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