Los Angeles

by Rasheed Richmond of VEEPS

“The City of Angels” is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. If you are planning to visit this city or maybe you are thinking about moving here you have come the right place to get all the information you need to make your visit or stay memorable.



I like to break LA into zones. You have the city area of downtown Los Angeles, you have the beach communities of Santa Monica/Malibu, the valley areas of San Fernando and of course you have Hollywood.

Each community has its special attractions. The beach areas tend to be the most expensive but also more relaxing and perfect for a week vacation. The valley is where you will find the most economical living if you are relocating. Downtown LA has its charm but is really great if you are coming for a convention or business meeting. And finally Hollywood is special for a night out on the town or if you are planning a career in the entertainment industry and want to meet people.



There are many great restaurants and bars throughout the greater Los Angeles area. If you want seafood, you must head out to Malibu and grab a bite at one of the many seafood spots. You will have a great view and amazing dining experience at some of the city’s finest establishments.

If you have a taste for a traditional American or Italian cuisine, Hollywood is a safe bet. There are many great steakhouses and you may even get lucky and experience a celebrity sighting.



People travel from all over the world to visit LA LA Land. The weather is great year round. Disneyland is always a popular destination. And places like Melrose Ave & The Beverly Center are hotspots for seeing movie stars. We would be happy to help you with more specific LA recommendations, just contact VEEPS for a local expert to guide you!