Tom Hiddleston is a Man Apart

Tom Hiddleston dutifully made the last stop in the ever churning celebrity news cycle: the tell-all interview for GQ. Except the interview is exactly the opposite of revealing. It had the imprints of handlers, public relations, and managers who stripped any revelations down to their bare bones.  All that remains are small kernels of something resembling the truth.

He, of course, swears that he and his super famous former girlfriend found trooo love for three months. It was a romance for the ages: it started with the tabloid-ready beachside canoodling sessions about the same time that the song with offensive lyrics by Kayne West dropped. It reached its height (or low point) during the July 4th party where he proudly bore a “I ❤️ TS” wife beater.

Was it a cynical ploy to cover up a bad breakup with Calvin Harris, her former dj boyfriend? Was it simply a craven publicity stunt to increase their profiles? Who knows. The actual truth of the matter is that will never know. But we will consume the pictures, profiles and little tidbits. It is all we are allowed to have.