Worldstarhiphop Uncut

Short Film inspired by Kanye West 

This is the concept trailer for “SEO” movie coming soon…
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Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by  Sheed (Rasheed Richmond)

WorldstarhiphopIn the beginning (according to Wikipedia)…

Lee “Q” O’Denat started the website in August 2005 as a distributor of mixtapes. Shortly after the website’s beginning, hackers destroyed the website. O’Denat later restarted it as a content aggregator. Thereon, World Star focused on hip hop beefs, and softcore pornographic video models, which were previously popular through “street DVDs” such as Smack, Cocaine City, Come Up and other raunchier counterparts.

The Real Deal (according to our sources):

World Star Hip Hop initially was taking popular urban content around the web and driving traffic to its site by using this unauthorized media. They got into a lot of trouble for piracy issues by content copyright owners.

Worldstarhiphop founder Lee "Q" O'Denat

Founder Lee “Q” O’Denat above recently appeared in NY TIMES article.

photo credit: Jake Michaels for The New York Times

TCA Jed Root

World Star Hip Hop Fights


There has been a lot of criticism regarding the content on the site. There is a tremendous amount of videos with people fighting, girls almost naked and other material that most wouldn’t consider family friendly.

The owner of the site has also got into trouble with many lawsuits and media backlash. The site has been very renegade in its approach to the law and specifically what it decides to feature. Its continued popularity has appeared to keep the site shielded from complete collapse and continual aggregation of urban content.

WSHH HoneysWorldstarhiphop honeys

Another area where the Worldstar brand has caught a lot of negative attention is its exploitative display of women. Some have called it soft porn while others have referred to it as demeaning content. The Worldstarhiphop honeys or candy are definitely a controversial part of Q’s business.

World Star Movie

World Star Hip Hop Movie

Last August, Paramount and Russell Simmons partnered to produce a movie for WSHH. No release date has been made available to the public.

WorldStarHipHop Mobile

Worldstarhiphop Mobile

Worldstarshiphop launched a mobile app on June 26, 2012. It has received mixed reviews but can be downloaded here on iTunes.

WorldStar HipHop Future

The future is uncertain for the popular hiphop site. Its traffic has gradually declined and many believe the site might be an acquisition target from a larger black entertainment company like B.E.T. Nobody knows for sure so stay tuned for future news.

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